Our astronauts take this X-Mas party in their hands

Coordinates: December 8th, 2023 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m
Kieslingstraße 76, 90491 Nürnberg

The most charming Christmas market in the galaxy is ready for touchdown

We've ditched the Grinch – now it's time for the cosy part! We invite you to the snuggest X-Mas event in the Milky Way. Look forward to family-friendly Christmas magic with extra cinnamon and sugar in a weightless atmosphere.

Let yourself be carried away by ethereal sounds through intergalactic mulled wine mists and enjoy our cosmic Christmas treats.

The Triebwerk crew welcomes you with a triple Ho Ho Ho!

Take it home right away:

Original Franconian Christmas
tree as a gift for our guests*

*If you register by
 November 29th

All we want for Triebwerk Weihnachtsmarkt is youuu!

This invitation is exclusive and only valid for you and your crew!

Heben wir gemeinsam ab. Jetzt.